South Dakota

The Commission:

  • Name: South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks Commission
  • Regulatory or advisory: Hybrid
  • Number of voting members: 8
  • Term length: 4 years, no person shall serve on said commission for more than eight years, except that where his first appointment is for two years he may be reappointed thereafter for an additional two 4-year terms
  • How selected: Appointed by Governor
  • Senate confirmation required: Yes
  • Selection criteria per statute

Not more than four of the game, fish and parks commissioners may be members of the same political party, and, at the time of their appointment, at least four shall be farmers actually residing on a farm or working primarily on a farm, engaged in agriculture, deriving at least two-thirds of their gross annual incomes from crop or livestock production or both, and interested in wildlife conservation. At the time of their appointment three commissioners shall reside west of the Missouri River and five shall reside east of the Missouri River.”

  • Visit the Commission’s website 

The Agency:

  • Name: South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks
  • Type: Standalone agency
  • Title of Agency Director: Department Secretary
  • Mission statement from agency website

“We serve and connect people and families to the outdoors through effective management of our state’s parks, fisheries and wildlife resources.”

Revenue for Division of Wildlife (2023)

Other: Habitat stamp fees (9%), Misc. revenue and county ADC funding (6%)

Source: South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks 2023 Year in Review

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