The Commission:

  • Name: Indiana Natural Resources Commission
  • Regulatory or advisory: Regulatory
  • Number of voting members: 12
  • Term length: 3 years
  • How selected: Appointed by Governor
  • Selection criteria per statute

Six (6) citizen members appointed by the governor, at least two (2) of whom must have knowledge, experience, or education in the environment or in natural resource conservation. Not more than three (3) citizen members may be of the same political party.”

  • From the Commission’s website

The Indiana Natural Resources Commission is an autonomous board that addresses issues pertaining to the Department of Natural Resources.”

The Agency:

  • Name: Division of Fish & Wildlife
  • Type: Subagency within Department of Natural Resources
  • Title of Agency Director: Director
  • Selection process: Appointed by Director of Department of Natural Resources
  • Mission statement from agency website

The mission of the Division of Fish & Wildlife is to enrich the quality of life for present and future generations by balancing the biological, ecological, recreational, and economic benefits of Indiana’s fish, wildlife and their habitats.”


† Other: Lake and River Enhancement (7%), Capital/Preventative Maintenance (5%), Nongame Wildlife Fund (0.6%)

Source: Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Fish & Wildlife Funding

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