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Our vision is a world where all wild animals have a right to flourish, regardless of their utility to humans. Our mission is to protect wildlife and their habitats in the Southwest through grassroots advocacy, education and on-the-ground restoration projects.


ACTION ALERT: Wildlife Services fight continues!

Prairie Dog
Doña Ana County took a big step last week towards coexisting with wildlife by making changes to an annual contract with Wildlife Services. Now, those changes are once again under attack. On July 9th, the County Commission approved a new contract that requires Wildlife Services to make at least two…

This fight's not over!

Coyote on sand dunes
Doña Ana County took a big step this week towards coexisting with wildlife, but Wildlife Services is pushing back. Help us win this fight! Donate today.

Doña Ana County Commission approves controversial wildlife contract

No Traps. No Poisons.
New reporting requirements added, but traps, poisons, aerial gunning remain permissible Today, the Doña Ana County commissioners voted to adopt a new contract with Wildlife Services, a federal program under the Department of Agriculture that uses indiscriminate and cruel methods to “control” what…

ACTION ALERT: Commission Meeting July 9th

Kit fox
WHAT: Doña Ana County Commission MeetingWHERE: Doña Ana County Government Center (845 N. Motel Blvd) WHEN: July 9th at 9:00am

A People's Contract for Wildlife

Bobcat kitten
The People Have Spoken: Treat our Wildlife with Respect and Compassion The Southwest Environmental Center and our partners have launched a People’s Contract for Coexistence with Wildlife in response to the Doña Ana County Commission’s reversed decision on non-lethal wildlife control and the potenti