Desert Waters

Rivers and wetlands are the lifeblood of the Southwest, where more than three-quarters of the region’s wildlife species can be found. The goal of our Desert Waters Program is to restore and protect these treasures, particularly the Rio Grande.

The goal of our Rio Grande campaign is to restore the river to ecological health. We envision restoring the river until it can once again function as a self-regulating system that sustains natural habitats and wildlife as well as human communities.

We have been a leading voice on behalf of the Rio Grande for more than a decade. Our accomplishments include creation of the Picacho Wetlands, Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park and La Mancha Wetlands, a decade of advocacy to encourage river-friendly management, our annual Raft the Rio raft race (now in its 13th year), and the Rio Grande aquarium in downtown Las Cruces featuring fish species that live in the river or once lived in the river.