Are You Content with a Dry River?

We need your help to restore the Rio Grande so that it once again flows year-round and sustains a rich mosaic of wildlife habitats. Here are some things you can do:

1. Contact your Congressional representatives. Tell them that the current state of the Rio Grande in southern New Mexico and west Texas is unacceptable, and urge them to establish a federal program to purchase land and water for river restoration. If you live in southern New Mexico, you can use this form. If you live elsewhere, find your Congressional representatives here.

2. Write a letter to the editor voicing your support for restoring the Rio Grande. Writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper is an excellent way to raise awareness about the condition of the Rio Grande, and it shows public officials that people care about the river and want something done.

3. If you live in Las Cruces or El Paso, tell your city councilor you want to see a "Living River" program established that will allow water customers to make a voluntary donation to a fund that will be used to purchase water rights so that water can remain in the river year-round (instream flows).

4. Volunteer to help with river restoration efforts, such as planting trees, installing bat houses, removing non-native, invasive plants and river clean-ups.

5. If you are an irrigation district customer (Elephant Butte Irrigation District or El Paso County Water Improvement District #1) and pay an annual assessment for irrigation water, consider donating your water on an annual basis or longer, to support river restoration projects. Also, consider voting in board elections for “pro-river” candidates. Contact for more information.

6. Stay informed by signing up for our email alerts, liking us on Facebook, and following us on Twitter.

7. Support our work by making a donation today.

Learn more about our work to restore the Rio Grande here.