Tips for writing a letter to the editor

Getting a letter to the editor (LTE) published in the newspaper is an excellent way to educate the public about your issue, and to ensure that elected representatives hear the voices and opinions of their constituents.  Following are some tips to help you get your letters published:

  • Letters should be short – ideally 200-250 words long. In fact, some of the best LTEs are a mere 1-2 sentences long
  • Letters should be timely – newspapers are more prone to publishing your LTE if it relates to an issue currently in the news. Finding a way to tie it in to a recent news story, or an upcoming event that is sure to be in the news is a great way to give your letter a leg up above the rest
  • Letters should be personal – the LTE section of the newspaper provides a forum for people to express their opinions – express your passion and avoid sounding like an opinion-less textbook
  • Think about your audience – who are you trying to influence with your letter? The general public? An elected official? Make sure that the message and tone of your letter will resonate with your target audience.