Your Voice Can Aid Mexican Wolf Recovery in the Southwest

How can our elected and appointed officials know what we think unless we tell them?  They need to know how to best act on our behalf and there is no better way than writing them a letter.

Tell them that you want to see wolves in wild across their historic range.  Stress the important roles that wolves, like all top predators, play in our ecosystems.

Take a moment and open any or all of these websites to contact the southern New Mexico Congressionals.  Then simply follow guide for a great letter to your officials.

Representative Steve Pearce
Senator Tom Udall
Senator Martin Heinrich

5 Steps to a GREAT Letter

[Step 1 – Begin your letter, easy!]

Dear [use title and last name – never hurts to be as polite as possible],

[Step 2 – Introduce yourself]

“I am a resident of _____________ and I’m writing today…”
“I’m one of your supporters and I need your support for wolves in New Mexico.”

[Step 3 – Tell them why wolves matter to you]

Tell them about a positive experience with wolves or an experience you wish you could have.
Why do you think wolves are important?
Explain the key roles that wolves play in the natural world as top predators
A 20 percent decline in the Lobo’s wild population is unacceptable, and you want wolves to survive and thrive in the southwest.

[Step 4 - Here’s the important part - give them something specific to do or several things]

“I respectfully ask that you…”:
• Push for the establishment of a recovery target – right now we have a moving target (pun intended)
• Restart recovery plan development, so that the plan we’re using for one of the most endangered species in the world is more up-to-date than when E.T. was in theaters
• The current reintroduction plan needs to part of a scientifically accurate recovery plan
• Release more wolves into the wild to bolster the genetic fitness of the population
• Bring the criminals killing wolves to justice

[Step 5 – End your letter, again easy!]

[Use a good closer like:]
Sincerely yours,
Howling mad about the state of wolves,
Thank you for your time,

[Don’t forget to SIGN your letter]
Jane/John Doe
123 Wilderness Way
Las Cruces, NM 88001