Currently, we do not have any open positions. Please check back at a later date.

Two interns

Internships Available

Our internships offer the opportunity to gain important skills in conservation work. You’ll learn firsthand how a biodiversity advocacy organization works to mobilize public support, influence public policy and undertake ecological restoration. We have a small staff, so you’ll be an important part of the SWEC team.

Some of our internships pay a small stipend, others are unpaid depending upon our current staff resources. Either way, you'll receive great work experience and possibly academic credit. We require a 3-6 month commitment, working at least 12 hours per week on a flexible schedule. Some internships may require more or less hours, depending on availability.

We are looking for interns who have excellent written and verbal communication skills, relevant coursework and/or experience, good interpersonal skills for public outreach, the ability to work independently, and a strong commitment to SWEC's mission of biodiversity protection.

We currently have the following internships available:

Wildlife Policy Intern

BadgerWorking in the Desert Lands and Wildlife Program, you'll help us research state wildlife management both in New Mexico and beyond to inform our Wildlife for All campaign. Read more about the campaign here. Duties include:

  • Reviewing current science and policy
  • Creating spreadsheets, brochures, reports, and other written materials
  • Assisting Field Organizer in coordinating NM Living Future Campaign

Social Media and Communications Intern

Green Heron

As a communications intern, you’ll assist staff with all aspects of SWEC’s external communications. Writing skills required. Duties may include:

  • Creating memes and graphics for social media sites
  • Keeping social media platforms updated and engaging
  • Writing media advisories, press releases and other materials
  • Organizing press conferences and media events
  • Compiling media contact lists
  • Monitoring all forms of media
  • Contributing content to our website
  • Assisting in production of printed materials
  • Creating videos for social media and website

  • Developing and testing messaging for our campaigns

Desert Waters Program Intern

Egret in marsh


Working in the Desert Waters Program, you’ll assist with our efforts to restore the Rio Grande to ecological health. Duties may include:

  • Public outreach and education
  • Working with landowners to organize private-land restoration projects
  • Organizing volunteer efforts (e.g. plantings, removal of invasive species, trail/fence installation, etc.)
  • Historical research
  • Reviewing current science and policy (e.g. researching options for measuring water flow between pond and river)
  • Writing for our website
  • Influencing management and policy decisions
  • Helping coordinate and assist with ecological monitoring efforts (e.g. vegetation, fish, macroinvertebrates, birds, herps, water quality, groundwater levels, etc.)
  • Helping develop a management plan to control invasive species, e.g. salt cedar, bullfrogs, etc.
  • Helping install and maintain infrared critter cams

Video Production Intern



VideographerAre you passionate about creating content with a message? Would you like to inspire others to take action on causes you care about? As our video production intern, you will gain experience creating short videos that make a difference. Duties include:

  • Filming short videos
  • Editing videos
  • Photography and videography at events
  • Working with communications team to broadcast videos and photos on social media
  • Creating short animations
  • Helping us build our presence on YouTube

Border Wildlife Intern

Two grey foxes

The Border Wildlife intern will help with all aspects of our border wildlife camera project. Duties may include:

  • Making trips to the border to check on cameras and retrieve memory cards
  • Uploading videos to our computers
  • Entering data from videos into our database
  • Reporting findings through written reports

Conservation Education and Outreach Intern

Three people painting a mural

As a conservation education and outreach intern, you’ll assist with all aspects of our efforts to promote public awareness and appreciation for the Southwest’s natural heritage.

Possible Duties (actual duties will be determined based on the interests of individual interns, as well as academic requirements):

  • Helping develop and coordinate public educational programs (stand-alone and series) including lectures, films, panel discussions, workshops, etc.
  • Coordinating and serving as host for SWEC’s Back by Noon guided Saturday morning natural history outings
  • Organizing and lead public tours of SWEC’s La Mancha Wetland restoration project
  • Assisting with developing and implementing SWEC monthly volunteer days
  • Helping develop interpretative materials for SWEC’s Rio Grande Aquarium
  • Working with staff to produce informational materials related to SWEC’s work (fact sheets, articles, displays, online posts, etc.)
  • Developing activities for kids for tabling events and classroom lessons
  • Finding creative ways to engage local kids in our work
  • Coming up with creative displays for the center (including front window)

Grant Research Intern

Desert landscapeAs a Grant Research intern, you will gain experience with one of the most important skills in the research and non-profit world: grant-writing. People who can effectively write grants are invaluable assets to any employer. This position will put you on the road to success, and help us raise much-needed funds for our work as well. The Grant Research intern will work closely with staff. Duties include:

  • Researching grants SWEC would be eligible for
  • Helping write grants to fund different SWEC projects
  • Writing reports to grantmakers on the success of funded projects

Aquarium Management Intern

Gar in fish tank with goldfish

As an Aquarium Management intern, you’ll assist with all aspects of maintaining and improving our aquarium featuring fish species inhabiting the Rio Grande in southern New Mexico.

Possible Duties (actual duties will be determined based on the interests of individual interns, as well as academic requirements):

  • Determining optimal diet and feeding regimens for fish specimens
  • Obtaining additional and replacement fish specimens as needed, by catching them in the wild or ordering them from other sources
  • Designing and implement habitat components (rocks, plants, etc.) based on species’ needs
  • Maintaining proper water chemistry and temperature
  • Maintaining all equipment (tanks, pumps, lights, etc.)
  • Instructing staff in proper cleaning techniques
  • Setting up additional tanks
  • Assisting with development of interpretive materials

To apply for these positions, send the following to Kevin Bixby, SWEC Executive Director:

  • Resume and cover letter describing why you want to intern at SWEC
  • Writing sample (600-1000 words--can be an excerpt)
  • List of relevant coursework
  • Two references