Backdoor amendment would kill Mexican wolf recovery program

It’s no secret that Representative Steve Pearce (R-NM) doesn’t want wolves in his district, despite the fact that a majority of New Mexicans (69%) support wolves. His latest attempt to get rid of them is a one-line amendment to the Continuing Resolution that would cut off funding for the 12-year old Mexican wolf recovery program. Here’s what it says:

Amendment No. 342: None of the funds made available by this Act maybe used for the continued operation of the Mexican Wolf recovery program.

The Continuing Resolution (CR) is the stop-gap legislation needed to keep the government operating until Congress and the President can reach agreement on a new budget. It is NOT intended as an opportunity for individual legislators to insert earmarks for their favorite projects or go after programs they don’t like. If the CR passes with this amendment in it, there will be no money to protect, monitor, or release Mexican wolves. The new Recovery Planning process will end. Work with ranchers and the public on the ground to help the wolves will stop. The remaining 50 Mexican wolves in the wild will backslide toward extinction.

Your action urgently needed

Please, take a minute right now and email or call your representatives in Congress. You don’t need to be especially articulate or lengthy. Just tell the staffer that answers the phone that Amendment No. 342 by Rep. Pearce to defund Mexican wolf recovery is unacceptable and you expect your member of Congress to vote against it. You can say the same thing in your email.

If you live in Rep. Pearce’s district, be sure to also contact Senators Jeff Bingaman and Tom Udall, so they can axe this amendment if it passes the House and makes it to the Senate.

New Mexico members of Congress:

Arizona Members of Congress

To call any member of Congress: Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121

And please let us know that you acted by sending a quick email to Thank you for speaking out for wolves and wild nature!