The New Mexico Wildlife Heritage Act (SB312) will be heard in the NM Senate Conservation Committee next Tuesday morning, February 23rd. Please take a moment to voice your support for this important bill.

SB312 (Steinborn, Small) would be a huge step towards bringing wildlife management into the 21st century by:

  • Directing the state to protect wildlife as a public trust with intrinsic and ecological value, for the equitable benefit of all New Mexicans, including future generations;
  • Expanding the authority of the Game Commission and Department of Game and Fish to protect all species, not just the subset of mostly game species currently protected;
  • Changing the name of the Game Commission to Wildlife Commission, and Department of Game and Fish to Department of Wildlife Conservation; 
  • Appropriating $2 million to support the Department’s new mission and name change.

Your support is urgently needed!

Legislators are hearing from opponents of this bill such as the Safari Club, NM Cattlegrowers Association, and the NRA. These groups do not believe that all wildlife deserves to be protected, nor that the general public should have a say in wildlife decisions. They would have you believe that this is an "anti-hunting" bill but in fact it is supported by mainstream hunting organizations such as the NM Wildlife Federation and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.

Please take a moment to weigh in with committee members in support of SB312. You have two options:

1) If your senator is on the committee (see list below), call his/her office and leave a simple message with the secretary: 

“Hi, I am a constituent of Senator ____, and I urge him/her to support SB312, the Wildlife Heritage Act, that will bring wildlife management into the 21st century and protect wildlife for future generations.”

2) If you are a resident of New Mexico but your senator is not on the Conservation Committee, send an email to with a short message that you support SB312:

“My name is ___. I live in [your county], in zip code [your zip code]. I urge the members of the Senate Conservation Committee to approve SB312, the Wildlife Heritage Act, that will bring wildlife management into the 21st century and protect wildlife for future generations.”

Please take action in support to this bill as soon as possible, but before Tuesday morning. If you live in the district of Stefanics, Cervantes or Schmedes, your voice is especially important since these senators are swing votes on this bill.


Senate Conservation Committee members to contact:

Senator Elizabeth "Liz" Stefanics (D), Committee Chair, District 39, (505) 397-8851

Senator Joseph Cervantes (D), District 31, (505) 397-8820

Senator William P. Soules (D), District 37, (505) 397-8850

Senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez (D), Committee Vice Chair, District 16, (505) 397-8847

Senator Senator David M. Gallegos (R), Ranking Member, District 41, (505) 986-4278

Senator Carrie Hamblen (D), District 38, (505) 397-8827

Senator Steven P. Neville (R), District 2, (505) 986-4701

Senator Harold Pope, Jr. (D), District 23, (505) 397-8843

Senator Gregg Schmedes (R), District 19, (505) 986-4395