A victory in court today is bringing us closer to the end of the border wall construction!

Border wall construction

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals today ruled that President Trump’s attempt to circumvent Congress and transfer of $2.5 billion in military pay and pension funds for border wall construction is unlawful. The court also forcefully rejected the administration’s argument that no one can go to court to block the president’s blatant abuse of power. The court affirmed the district court’s order blocking the illegal construction.

The ruling came in a lawsuit, Sierra Club v. Trump, filed by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of the Sierra Club and Southern Border Communities Coalition.

“We welcome the Ninth District Court’s decision to permanently stop Trump from building his dangerous and deadly wall,” said Vicki B. Gaubeca, director of the Southern Border Communities Coalition. “This is a critical step towards upholding the checks and balances that are integral to our democracy. Southern border communities, including our environment and protected wildlife, have suffered enough under the heavy militarization of our region. We urge elected officials to uphold our inalienable rights, and move towards a New Border Vision that expands public safety, upholds human rights and welcomes all people to our borders.”

The Supreme Court has not yet decided the ultimate outcome of the case, and no court has given Trump’s abuse of powers the stamp of approval, said that the wall construction is lawful, or suggested that the Sierra Club and the SBCC do not face real injuries from Trump’s actions.

Kevin Bixby, Executive Director of the Southwest Environmental Center and SBCC steering committee member said, "Today's decision confirms that this administration's border wall is illegal. Unfortunately, construction has continued while our lawsuit has been wending its way through the courts. Enough! The next step is to stop construction and take this illegal wall down."