Volunteer at La Mancha!

Join us at our Desert Wetland, La Mancha, for a day of conservation work this Saturday, March 14th from 8am until noon.

La Mancha Wetland

This wetland is a sanctuary for many native fish, native and migratory birds, and creates plenty of habitat for mammals as well as amphibians and reptiles to thrive. La Mancha is even home to at least one North American beaver that we've caught on our wildlife cameras. Beavers are considered a keystone species within an ecosystem, as they manipulate the landscape, creating habitats for other organisms to occupy!

We want to ensure that La Mancha remains a healthy habitat for wildlife to flourish. That is why we need your help to maintain this wetland by planting native species, performing trail maintenance to help with erosion, and, weather permitting, burn dried debris. 

Get more details and sign up to volunteer by clicking here.

Signs of the Beaver Hard at Work

(above) Signs of the La Mancha beaver hard at work!