Areniscythris whitesandsProtogygia whitesandsensisEuxoa lafontaineiA new species of Givira

White Sands National Monument is the only place in the world where fossilized tracks have been found showing the interaction of humans and extinct Pleistocene animals such as giant ground sloths, as well as the documentation of more than 40 new species of moths, leading some experts to call it the "Galapagos Islands" for moth evolution.

Yesterday, Tuesday, December 10th, for the Earth Matters Radio Hour on KTAL, we were joined by David Bustos with the National Park Service and entomologist Eric Metzler who shared these extraordinary biological discoveries coming out of White Sands National Monument.

You can find this episode and a list of archived recordings of Earth Matters on our Earth Matters Radio Hour page.


White Sands Moth Photos by Eric Metzler