New wall construction

Border Wall Construction Well Underway

Contrary to reports in some national media sources (e.g. CNN, Washington Post, etc.) the Trump administration is building new walls along the U.S./Mexican border.

In New Mexico, 20 miles of new 18' wall were constructed in Doña Ana County last year. It "replaced" vehicle barriers that were about 4' high and--unlike the new wall--did not block the passage of wildlife.

Construction is currently underway on 46 miles of new 30’ high steel bollard wall in Doña Ana and Luna Counties, funded by money taken from the military under Trump’s declaration of a national emergency along the border. The new construction is starting where last year's construction left off, about 20 miles west of Santa Teresa (see photo above).

An additional 29.5 miles of wall is planned for Luna and Hidalgo Counties, including New Mexico’s bootheel, famed for its biodiversity. SWEC is challenging all of these projects in court as part of the Southern Border Communities Coalition, along with our partners the Sierra Club and ACLU. We won in federal district court earlier this year, but the Supreme Court has allowed construction to continue while the ruling is on appeal.

New wall construction Organ Pipe NM
New wall under construction in Organ Pipe National Monument, AZ. Photo Laiken Jordahl/Center for Biological Diversity.

In Arizona, construction of 63 miles of 30’ steel bollard wall is underway, including in protected natural areas such as Organ Pipe National Monument and San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge. An additional 35 miles of new wall is planned.  All of these new wall segments are being built with money taken from the military.

In Texas, construction has begun on approximately 95 miles of new border wall slated for the lower Rio Grande Valley in Starr, Cameron and Hidalgo Counties. The wall will be built on private land condemned through eminent domain, as well as on a network of protected areas established to protect endangered wildlife such as ocelots. An additional 52 miles are planned for the Laredo area, to be funded with “reprogrammed” military funds.

Land cleared for border wall in Lower Rio Grande Valley, TX. Photo Krista Schlyer.
Land cleared for border wall in Lower Rio Grande Valley, TX. Photo Krista Schlyer.

In California, work is underway on installing 15 miles of new bollard wall using funds taken from the military.

Contrary to what some say, Trump is building his wall.