Doña Ana County took a big step this week towards coexisting with wildlife, but Wildlife Services is pushing back. Help us win this fight! Donate today.


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Doña Ana County (NM) took a big step this week towards coexisting with wildlife. The county commission approved a new contract with Wildlife Services--a federal agency that deals with "problem" wildlife, often by lethal methods--that requires the agency to prioritize non-lethal methods by making at least two attempts to resolve conflicts non-lethally before resorting to killing the animal. This is the first time the contract has been amended like this in decades.

However, this is an agency that doesn't like being told what to do. Under intense pressure from Wildlife Services and its allies, the Grant County Commission this week reversed an earlier decision to prohibit Wildlife Services from using leghold traps and poisons. Now, Wildlife Services is trying similar strong-arm tactics in Doña Ana County.


We've learned that under pressure from Wildlife Services, the contract will be back on the County Commission's agenda at its Tuesday, August 13th meeting, with the goal of eliminating the requirement.


Our goal is to pack that meeting, and make sure the Commission hears our voices and doesn't sell out our wildlife.


We're not giving up! We intend to keep organizing to make sure the Doña Ana County Commission doesn't back down and the voices of the people and our wildlife are heard. We need to raise $5000 to keep the fight going. Please help us with a donation of $25, $50 or whatever you can afford today. Thank you!

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