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Listen to Earth Matters Radio Hour

Earth Matters Radio Hour addresses conservation issues at the local, national and international levels. Lively and informative, featuring interviews with activists and newsmakers, the show is a collaborative effort between Southwest Environmental Center, New Mexico Wilderness Alliance, Gila Resources Information Project, and Upper Gila Watershed Alliance. Kevin Bixby – Executive Director of SWEC, Allyson Siwik – Executive Director of GRIP, Nathan Newcomer – Silver City Grassroots Organizer for NM Wild, aned Donna Stevens – Executive Director of UGWA rotate as hosts of the show.

Earth Matters airs simultaneously eachTuesday at 10 am MT on two community radio stations in southern New Mexico: KTAL-LP 101.5 FM (Las Cruces) and KURU 87.5 FM (Silver City). It is rebroadcast on each station according to the following schedule:

KTAL-LP: Thursday, 9 am

KURU: Thursday and Sunday at 10am & Thursday evening at 8 pm.

Can't get the radio signal? You can also stream the show on the internet at these feeds:


Archived shows (links will take you to Mixcloud):