Join us in the fight against useless, harmful, and costly border walls. 

Twenty miles of new border wall were constructed in NM last year. More walls are under construction in south Texas. Enough is enough!

Border Wall in Santa Teresa NM

Alongside our social justice partners, we have been fighting the border wall since day one of this administration and we have no intention of stopping now. 

We are proud to live on the border, one of the most biologically diverse areas of the United States, a confluence of wildlife species from the North and South. Border walls destroy critical habitat and block animals from accessing the food, water, and mates they need to survive. They prevent animals from adjusting their range in response to climate change.

It doesn't matter if it's called a wall or a fence. The impacts are the same.

Twenty miles of bollard wall have already been built in our backyard in southern New Mexico, costing US taxpayers $73 million dollars. From start to finish, the wall went up in less than a year because the Department of Homeland Security was able to waive 28 laws in order to expedite construction, using out-dated authority granted to the DHS Secretary by Congress in 2005. (The Southwest Environmental Center has joined with other groups in filing a lawsuit to stop the use of this waiver authority. A decision is pending, but it won't come in time to stop the New Mexico project.)


Enough is enough. Please click here to donate today and help us stop the border wall.


Our immigration system is broken, but our border communities are not under siege. Illegal immigration is at an all-time low. We are more than equipped to address the needs of families seeking asylum at our doorstep, but instead we have met them with closed doors and tear gas. This is the real national emergency. 

Our coalition has traveled to DC together to bring the border wall's threat to wildlife to the attention of our representatives. We established the Border Wildlife Camera Project to find out which animals will be affected by construction. We have organized rallies, panels, and summits to organize and educate our communities. 

We will continue to organize to stop the border wall, but we need your help. We are a small organization with three full-time staff that relies on membership donations to do this critical work. Please click here to donate today and help us win this fight.