Election Results Mean Huge Opportunity for Wildlife Reforms in NM

This is the year we could ban coyote killing contests once and for all.

SWEC is ready to take advantage of the tremendous opportunity presented by the midterm elections and push for long overdue wildlife reforms during the 2019 New Mexico Legislative session.

With a sympathetic governor taking office, and more champions elected to the Legislature, we are gearing up to make major progress on several fronts.

Here are the bills SWEC will be following and supporting most closely:

  1. Banning barbaric and cruel coyote killing contests once and for all! New Mexico is poised to be a leader in ending these contests. If New Mexico acts to ban them, other states will follow.
  2. Expanding the authority of the NM Department of Game and Fish to protect ALL wildlife, for all New Mexicans, including future generations. Currently the department only has legal authority to manage and protect a subset of mostly game species
  3. Changing the way the Game Commission is selected, to ensure all New Mexicans are represented, and commissioners have the background and expertise needed to do the job
  4. Changing the name of the department and commission (from "Game and Fish" to "Wildlife") to reflect a broader mission.

We are looking for volunteers to help mobilize public support for these initiatives. If you would like to help, please contact amanda@wildmesquite.org.

We also need resources to make sure we seize this golden opportunity and make sure our elected representatives hear our voices and do the right thing.

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Thank you!