Border Wall Completed in Southern NM

Before and after pictures of border wall construction in Santa Teresa, NM
Old vehicle barrier (left) and 18 foot bollard wall replacement (right). Photos from Center for Biological Diversity

The Trump administration has apparently finished construction of twenty miles of new steel bollard border wall in our New Mexico wildlands under a $73 million contract to Barnard Construction based in Montana.

The photos above and below show the vehicle barrier pre-construction (left), and the way the landscape looks now post-construction (right) where the wall has been completed.

Before and after pictures of border wall construction in Santa Teresa
Old vehicle barrier (left) and 18 foot bollard wall replacement (right). Photo by Center for Biological Diversity

The Lower Rio Grande Valley in Texas, home to ocelots and jaguarundi, is next on the list. Contracts have been awarded to Barnard Construction Company and SLSCO to build more border wall in Yuma, Arizona and Mission, Texas. This has all been accomplished using the $1.6 billion of our taxpayer dollars approved by Democrats and Republicans in the 2018 Omnibus.

The Department of Homeland Security has been able to construct these barriers so quickly by waiving over thirty important public health and environmental laws that keep the rest of the country safe, like the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and Endangered Species Act. These walls cause irreparable damage to our environment and will block wild animals from accessing food, water, migration corridors, and mates they need to survive. Below are a few photos of species we have captured on camera less than a mile from the construction site in Santa Teresa. 

Javelina family
Javelina family captured by one of our wildlife cameras

At this moment, Congress is deciding whether or not to approve between $1.6 and $5 billion dollars of funding for more border wall construction. SWEC is one of 200 organizations that have spoken up against any funding for increased militarization and border wall construction. We have asking Congress to pass a short-term continuing resolution that does not increase the DHS budget for FY 2019 during the lame duck session, with a commitment to cut enforcement funds in a permanent spending deal next year.

We will also be in Washington DC next week speaking to representatives from all over the country about the beauty of our border region and the harm walls inflict on our environment and our communities.

Will you speak up with us? Sign this petition to make your voice heard.

Even better, pick up the phone and call your representatives now to tell them not to waste more of our money on this useless and destructive project.​​​​​​​