The Trump Administration has initiated its first steps in their enegy dominance agenda and Otero Mesa is no longer a wild place we can count on being unattractive to harmful oil and gas extraction methods.

Recently, we learned that the Secretary of Interior, Ryan Zinke has directed our local Las Cruces Bureau of Land Management office to expedite the completion of the supplemental plan to the draft Tri-County Resource Management Plan/ Environmental Impact Statement, which includes assessment of Our Otero Mesa. 

The administration is fast-tracking this plan as part of its effort to prioritize fossil fuel production from public lands. The supplemental plan will be released to the public in December or January, a 90 day comment period will then open, and there will be 3 public meetings for community concerns and comments to be heard by the Bureau of Land Management.

We expect the recommendations outlined in the supplemental to be harmful and contrary to what we truly need to protect and preserve wildlife on Otero Mesa.

No doubt, this is a reflection and reality of the oil and gas industry being advanced over the concerns of people and wildlife.

Now, more than ever is the time to join us in this fight to Protect the Sacred & Defend the Wild for Our Otero Mesa!

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