Quoth the Raven: "Keep Caww, and Carrion"

These guys are stuck together like vel-crow!

The early bird might get the worm but the late vulture gets the pool to herself.

This quail doesn't seem to mind sharing the tank with this coyote as long as he keeps his distance.

This roadrunner took a break from her marathon to wet her whistle.

Turkey Vultures seem to be very photogenic as they hit the beaches.

This heron was in the water at Mesquite Tank when we came to get our data for the week and she spent some time in front of our camera earlier in the day.

This guy showed off his coloration to full advantage down at Mesquite tank.
This flock of turkey vultures must have been startle into the air and they circle for a while befor coming back to lounge around this pool at Border Tank.

The swainson's hawk closest to the water gives a flap that allowed us to identify him but we can only assume that birds of a feather are flocking together here since the other raptor doesn't move in this video.