javelina family

This Javelina family was captured by one of our wildlife cameras.

Construction on the border wall is in progress. The Department of Homeland Security has waived over twenty laws such as the Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, and National Environmental Policy Act intended to reduce environmental harm, keep our citizens safe, and allow the public a chance to provide input on decisions that affect their lives. Since the passage of the REAL ID Act in 2005, DHS has exercised the authority to devastate the environment and border communities in the name of "national security," disregarding laws that keep the rest of our country safe. 

While the DHS has brushed off environmentalists claiming the wall will have no impact on the environment, a significant body of research on habitat fragmentation points otherwise.

One of the first sections of new border wall to be erected by the Trump administration was a 20 mile stretch built in 2018. In response to the blatant disregard for our desert wildlife, the Southwest Environmental Center installed 20 cameras along the 20 mile construction zone in order to record the species present in the area.

Before and after pictures of border wall

At first glance the border near Santa Teresa seems desolate, but many animals call this extreme habitat home. Prior to construction, the border consisted of a gravel road and a 5ft vehicle barrier (above left) easily surmounted by wildlife. The replacement wall (above right) is an 18ft bollard barrier that will be impenetrable to most animals. Contrary to the claims made by DHS and other officials, it will be a mere inconvenience to human crossers. 

As the wall extended in both height and length, SWEC used motion sensitive game cameras to document  the occurrence of animals that will be affected by this barrier. The cameras were in place for the entire construction process, from start to finish, roughly 10 months. Click below to view some of the pictures and videos we have taken: 

Mountain Lion
Weather Occurrences

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