Yes! I value Otero Mesa’s biodiversity, historical significance, and opportunities for recreation. I urge the Bureau of Land Management, in writing the TriCounty Resource Management Plan, to protect Otero Mesa from harmful oil and gas extraction.

Pronghorn on Otero Mesa, photo Joe Adair

Otero Mesa, a stunning wilderness right here in southern New Mexico, contains some of the largest regions of Chihuahuan desert grassland left on Earth. The grassy, roadless expanse provides a home for a rich variety of plant and animal life, including pronghorn, prairie dogs, migratory birds, cacti, and wildflowers.

What’s more, Otero Mesa sits atop the largest untapped freshwater aquifer in the state and contains thousands of petroglyphs and other historical sites.

All this makes Otero Mesa a regional treasure, and we believe it should be protected as such. However, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is currently drafting a Resource Management Plan for the area that threatens to open Otero Mesa to natural gas extraction, which would fragment it with roads and pipelines. Habitat fragmentation is a leading driver of extinction worldwide and in the Southwest.

Add your name below to send a message to the BLM that you want the ecological, historical, and recreational values of Otero Mesa protected from harmful natural gas extraction! Petitions will be collected and delivered to the BLM in person.

Learn more about Otero Mesa: /what-we-do/desert-lands-wildlife/otero-mesa


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