Border Wall construction continues in southern NM

About one mile of new bollard wall has been installed and welded to the existing vehicle barrier west of Santa Teresa, NM.

Work continues on installing 20+ miles of new 18' steel bollard wall west of Santa Teresa, NM. Construction is occuring at both ends of the stretch, with about one mile of wall already completed on the west end and construction activity occurring at the eastern end, where the existing border wall ends about 1.5 miles west of the Santa Teresa port of entry. The new wall is replacing the existing vehicle barriers.

Masked security guard armed with AR-15 semiautomatic rifle at Santa Teresa border wall construction site.

Security is tight at the construction site. An Ohio company called Safety and Security Solutions has apparently been hired to provide security by the primary contractor, Montana-based Barnard Construction.

SWEC has joined with other conservation, immigration rights and civil rights organizations in opposing the wall because of its impacts on wildlife and the environment, as well as its contribution to further militarization of border communities.