Over 2,500 Scientists Warn the Border Wall Will Harm Biodiversity


“Nature Divided, Scientists United” outlines three major ways border wall infrastructure and security measures threaten biodiversity by waiving environmental laws, eliminating and fragmenting animal and plant populations and habitat, and devaluing binational conservation investments and scientific research.

In the BioScience article, scientists directly ask Congress and the Department of Homeland Security, in relation to construction of the border wall and national security operations, to:

  *   Adhere to all U.S. environmental laws, including the Endangered Species Act and National Environmental Protection Act;
  *   Undergo rigorous pre-planning and pre-implementation surveys to identify species, habitats and ecological resources at risk of impact;
  *   Mitigate any environmental harm, especially in places with high ecological sensitivity; and
  *   Facilitate scientific research in the borderlands, to complement and assist environmental evaluation and mitigation efforts.

The Southwest Environmental Center along with a growing number of conservation, human rights and immigration groups, as well as many state and local elected officials are calling on Trump to halt further construction of new fencing and high intensity lighting along the U.S.- Mexico border. The border wall endangers wildlife and natural habitats in the region. The proposed border wall would cut through habitats and divide populations of wildlife. It will also prevent animals from reaching the resources they need to survive: water, food, seasonal habitats, and mates for reproduction. The construction of the border wall would endanger thousands of species, including jaguars, Mexican wolves, javelinas, bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelope, and even some birds (like the pygmy owl). Check out more information here and sign our petition on change.org here.


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