Extractive industries ramp up donations in an effort to advance their interests

The Center for American Progress has published a report detailing the increase in donations from extractive industries, oil and gas development, to several major sportsmen's groups. Safari Club International, the National Rifle Association, and Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife have all seen an increase in donations from these industries since 2008, according to the report. 

Oil and gas industries are aiming to advance their interests by undermining traditional support by hunters for the idea that wildlife is a public good, and for habitat protection on public lands. The groups receiving this funding have also historically been major opponents of protections for gray wolves. "Wolves are the main culprit- recognized by Montana FWP in this article- Pro Wolf Game & Fish folks...WAKE UP!! HERE'S your sign: address this problem or you are OUT OF A JOB", writes Don Peay, founder of Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife regarding the de-listing of gray wolves across the United States.