Sixty wolf advocates silently let their voices be heard. Photo credit: Joseph Newman

NM Game Commission Persists in it's War on Wolves

At it's meeting, this last Tuesday in Albuquerque, the NM Game Commission voted unanimously to uphold the NM Department of Game and Fish’s (NMDGF) decision to deny a permit to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, to release more Mexican Gray wolves into New Mexico.  

Releases that scientists say are urgently needed to improve the genetic health of the wolves in the wild.

Commissioner Beth Ryan, of Roswell offered a narrow legalistic justification for the commission’s decision, by saying it was about policy not a value judgement about wolves.

The Game Commission’s vote did not sit well with the vast majority of people in attendance.  The Crowd consisted namely of wolf supporters, many of whom voiced their disappointment with catcalls and shouts of, “Discredited!” and “Shameful Cowards!”

The Southwest Environmental Center (SWEC) and other wolf Advocates will continue to encourage U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to move ahead with additional Mexican Wolf releases without approval from the State wildlife officials.

A crowd of some 60 people attended a moving rally outside the hotel where the Game Commission was meeting to show their support for the Mexican Gray wolves. Speakers included Las Cruces State Representative Jeff Steinborn, who told the crowd about the need to protect all of New Mexico’s native wildlife species, including wolves and other carnivores.