Five experts sit at a long table having a panel discussion during the conference.



Wildlife for All summit looks at crisis in state wildlife management



SWEC co-organized a national summit in August called Wildlife for All: Re-envisioning State Wildlife Governance.

Western Wildlife Conservancy helped organize the event, which took place in Albuquerque on August 14-15.

The event convened wildlife advocates from around the country to answer the question: how do we create the policies and institutions we need to protect all of our wildlife, for everybody, in every state, forever?

Wildlife For All is a response to the growing dissatisfaction with wildlife management at the state level across the country. Problems common to many states include: politically-appointed wildlife commissions that are not responsive to the broad public interest in wildlife; policies that favor the production of game animals over other species; inadequate legal authority to protect all of a state's wildlife; and the over-reliance of state wildlife agencies on funding sources tied to hunting and fishing that are flat or declining.

The goals of the conference were to:
- share information about reform efforts happening around the country;
- develop a better understanding of the underlying problems with current state wildlife governance;
- identify the broad outlines of a coordinated strategy to transform state wildlife governance across the country.

The Max and Anna Levinson Foundation and The Fund To Protect New Mexico’s Clean Air, Water and Federal Public Lands provided funding for the conference.

Resources and presentations from the summit can be found here.