On September 12th, the ACLU Border Rights Center in partnership with the Southwest Environmental Center, Center for Biological Diversity, the RGV Equal Voice Network of Texas, Sierra Club, and the Southern Border Communities Coalition released the report Death, Damage, and Failure: Past, Present, and Future Impacts of Walls on the U.S.-Mexico Border, which takes a comprehensive look at the history of U.S. border security policies, including the existing 654 miles of border walls.

The 71-page-long report digs deep into the environmental, cultural, and historical devastation wrought by existing border wall sections including deadly flooding in border communities, desecration of indigenous graves and cultural sites, and fragmentation of Sonoran Pronghorn habitat.

Click here for the full report, and take action by calling your representatives and urging them not to approve funding for more border wall construction. You can also sign our change.org petition here.

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