Nearly 40 victims of killing contest found dumped on city outskirts

SWEC is investigating the dumping of at least 39 coyote carcasses on state trust land located on Las Cruces' west mesa. They were killed as part of coyote killing contest held on December 20-21.

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Many of the carcasses had their snouts wired or taped close, with a piece of wood or PVC pipe inserted in the mouth, marked with the date and time, presumably indicating when they were shot for the purposes of judging the winner of the contest.

Wildlife killing contests are legal in New Mexico and most states, but they are currently prohibited on state trust land in New Mexico. Presumably that includes dumping of animals killed in such contests as well actually shooting them.

New Mexico leads the nation in the number of wildlife killing contests held. SWEC and other groups have called for legislation to ban wildlife killing contests in New Mexico.