According to NMSU mammal expert Dr. Frey, the beaver living at our La Mancha wetland may be the only one for miles and miles around.


We are very excited about this. See a video of the beaver in action here.

Beavers stabilize stream flows and create habitats for fish, birds, and other mammals. Water retained by beavers even helps increase plant diversity.

When North America was first colonized, trappers almost annihilated beaver populations, including in New Mexico. According to NMDGF, around the year 1947, beavers were reintroduced in our state. The current NM population is estimated to be around 6,000, mostly concentrated up North.

It is a huge accomplishment that our continued restoration at La Mancha has provided a suitable habitat for a happy Southern NM beaver.

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We have also launched a naming contest for the La Mancha beaver. Enter your submissions here. The winning name will be announced on June 28th.