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Our vision is a world where all wild animals have a right to flourish, regardless of their utility to humans. Our mission is to protect wildlife and their habitats in the Southwest through grassroots advocacy, education and on-the-ground restoration projects.

SWEC Director Urges Wildlife Reforms to NM Legislators

Prairie dogs are not protected in NM.
SWEC executive director Kevin Bixby appeared last week as an invited panelist before the NM Water and Natural Resources Interim Committee at its Taos meeting to talk about policy reforms needed to protect the future of the state’s wildlife. He explained to the committee that the state’s outdated…

Urge Your Representative to Fix the Recovering America's Wildlife Act

  The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA; H.R. 2773) is an incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity to drive reform of state wildlife management to be more ecologically-driven, democratic and equitable – but only if important changes are made to the bill.

La Mancha Volunteer Spotlights!

Jim and Mike at La Mancha
New Volunteers and Bird Houses at La Mancha! Our La Mancha volunteers have been hard at work maintaining the health of this desert wetland. A big thank you to Mike Ferris who has helped Jim Mulhauser repair the gate to La Mancha, and to Jim for building and mounting four whole birdhouses for the…

We Have a Winner!

Linda Mccamley at Vescovo
We Have a Winner! Congratulations to Linda Mccamley, from Las Cruces, NM! She is the lucky winner in our 2021 Prius Raffle. Her winning ticket was pulled this morning during the drawing on the Las Cruces Plaza. This is the 8th year she has bought a ticket. She has been a SWEC member since 2015.

Wolves Remain at Risk as Hunters and Their State-Level Allies Call the Shots

Alpha Female Gray Wolf, credit Dennis Fast
Reform of state wildlife management to give nonhunters more power is needed to ensure long-term protection for wolves. By Kevin Bixby [This article originally appeared on TRUTHOUT, April 10, 2021] In case you missed it, in February, hunters killed more than 200 wolves in Wisconsin in three days…