Restore La Mancha

Restore La Mancha October 19th, 2019 8am-12pm Be prepared to get muddy and maybe even spot beavers and herons that found a home in La Mancha Wetland along the Rio Grande near Mesilla. Join Sara, SWEC’s Desert Waters Intern, at La Mancha to help maintain this habitat and discover what it takes to restore a wetland. For this "Back By Noon" we are collaborating with the La Mancha Volunteer Days… more Two men cleaning up the river

Demystifying Bats (Back by Midnight)

Demystifying Bats (Back by Midnight) October 26, 2019   Just in time for Halloween, bat biologist Rachel Burke will lead us through an urban area to uncover just how many bats are lurking in the shadows. Look forward to seeing live bats up close and detect echolocation calls of bats overhead. For this event SWEC is partnering with the student chapter of the wildlife society at NMSU who will… more

Mass Extinctions and Climate Change

Mass Extinctions and Climate Change November 2nd, 2019 Uncover the stories fossils have to tell, of how the climate once caused mass extinctions! Local fossil enthusiast and forensic chemist, Jim Enright, will take us to Prehistoric Trackways National Monument and show us fossils that are not so easy to find on your own. We will bring to light the dangers of climate change today, by looking… more

Threats to our Desert Grassland

Threats to our Desert Grassland November 9th, 2019 Kevin Bixby, Executive Director of SWEC, will lead an all day tour of Otero Mesa and teach how the ecology and wildlife of this very special place is threatened with oil and gas development. Along the way we should see pronghorn, raptors and other wildlife that take refuge here, one of the largest desert grasslands left in North America. … more

WWII Bombing Targets

WWII Bombing Targets November 16, 2019   David Soules, a local sportsman and conservation advocate will lead an outing to a nearby WW-II era bombing target. A hike of roughly one mile over flat desert terrain will provide a ground level view of what remains of a giant bull’s eye as seen from the air. RATING: Easy/Moderate Space is limited and advance registration is required. Registration… more

La Mancha Workday

La Mancha Workday November 23, 2019 8am-12pm There are few things more fulfilling then giving back to the environment. On this Saturday morning, you'll have a chance to get your hands dirty and help out at our La Mancha wetland project ridding the pond of invasives and improving trails. A fun activity for the whole family! Be prepared to get muddy and maybe even spot beavers and herons that… more