Office Warming Party!


You are invited to check out our new home at 350 El Molino Blvd, Las Cruces. Come enjoy some light refreshments and live music with us. Please RSVP 522-5552.  Bring friends!  The party will be in our backyard, so please come around the building. If there is no parking available in our front lot, please park in the lot in front of the Tutti Bambini children's store.  


4-8-2019 Email to Members

Desert King Snake

Living With Snakes

Herpetologist Frank Bryce will present at SWEC on Wednesday, April 10th at 7 pm. Drawing upon his decades of experience with venomous snakes, Bryce will talk about the reptiles we share the desert with, how to identify the most common species of rattlesnakes, and what to do if you find one on your porch.

Announcing our Spring 2019 Back by Noon Schedule!

Calling all Nature Enthusiasts

The Southwest Environmental Center is excited to announce the Spring 2019 schedule of its popular Saturday morning, guided natural history outings. Nature lovers from across the region are invited to visit one of the nation’s largest desert grasslands, hear through the ears of a bat, learn about the ecological impact of the border wall, participate in a border-wide citizen science project, and learn about the volcanic turmoil that brought us our beloved Organ Mountains.

Tuesday Talk: Otero Mesa's Amazing Biodiversity (Steve West)

Southwest Environmental Center
275 N Main St, Las Cruces

Tuesday Talk: Otero Mesa's Amazing Biodiversity (Steve West)

Otero Mesa is a hidden treasure on public lands of New Mexico. At around 1,000,000 acres, it is sacred land to Native Americans, biologists, people who love the outdoors and anyone who has spent time out there.

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