We did it!

The Land of Enchantment is one signature away from becoming the second state in the union to legislatively ban coyote killing contests.

2017 Legislature Recap

2017 Legislature Recap

Victories and Setbacks for Wildlife Bills

The New Mexico legislature adjourned Saturday, concluding our 2017 legislative campaign. SWEC backed six great wildlife bills this year, from ending coyote killing contests to reforming wildlife management and more. One bill passed both the Senate and the House and is currently awaiting the Governor's signature. The other five either made progress relative to previous years or introduced bold new ideas. Read our full report below:

NM Senate Panel Approves Killing Contest Ban, Rejects Bill to Protect More Wildlife

Coyote Killing Contest Ban Passes Senate Conservation Committee

Wildlife Protection Act Tabled

SB 268, the bill to ban coyote killing contests in New Mexico, cleared its first hurdle Thursday, when the Senate Conservation Committee voted 6-3 to approve the legislation. The vote cut across partisan lines, with Republican William Payne joining Democrats Joseph Cervantes, Elizabeth Stefanics, Bill Soules, Cisco McSorley, and Peter Wirth in voting to pass the bill, while Democrat Richard Martinez sided with Republicans Ron Griggs and Pat Woods in opposition.

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