Tell Your Members of Congress "Not one cent" for Trump's Deportation Machine and Border Wall

Congress budget negotiations are currently underway. Congress has until December to pass a Federal Budget for fiscal year 2018. President Trump requested growing the Department of Homeland Security's budget by $5.4 BILLION. 

If approved, President Trump will grow an already unaccountable deportation force by adding 1,500 new ICE and Border Patrol agents, further accelerate already record-level incarceration of immigrants, and construct new border barriers that threaten critical habitat and migration of wildlife. President Trump and his administration are threating more people in our community through expanding deportation priorities with executive orders and making almost 1 million DREAMers vulnerable to deportation. 

President Trump asked for an additional $5.4 billion for the Department of Homeland Security to:

  • Hire 1,500 more ICE and Border Patrol Agents, 

  • Fund 44,000 detention beds to incarcerate immigrants,

  • Construct new sections of a southern border wall that will threaten wildlife migration and habitats.

Tell your senators no boots, no beds, and no walls by signing below!