Act Now: Wolves Under Attack in Congress

Budget "riders" would weaken Endangered Species Act

The Mexican gray wolf is under attack again -- this time in the halls of Congress. With Congress nearing a funding deadline, some elected officials are attaching sneaky "rider" amendments to a must-pass budget bill that would delist wolves from Endangered Species Act protection. What this means is that in a bill thousands of pages long that has to pass to keep the government open, a single line has been inserted that wold strip federal protections and lead to the extinction of the Mexican gray wolf. Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona and Representative Steve Pearce of New Mexico have both offered delisting riders and other forms of legislation.

Luckily, we can stop these riders in the Senate. Call your Senator today and throughout this week and tell them:

"Endangered wolves deserved full ESA protection. Don't support any delisting riders or other legislation that would weaken the Endangered Species Act."

Contact your Senator at their local office. Find your Senator's contact information here.

New Mexico residents can contact Sens. Heinrich and Udall at the numbers listed below.

Sen. Martin Heinrich

Albuquerque office: (505) 346-6601
Las Cruces office: (575) 523-6561
Santa Fe office: (505) 988-6647
Click here for other office locations.

Sen. Tom Udall
Albuquerque office: (505) 346-6791
Las Cruces office: (575) 526-5475
Santa Fe office: (505) 988-6511
Click here for other office locations.