Act Now: Protect Organ Mountains - Desert Peaks National Monument

National Monuments are under attack

Photo Ken Stinnett

On April 26, 2017, President Trump issued an executive order directing the Department of the Interior to conduct a review of all national monuments designated since 1996 -- including Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks. The intent behind this order is clear: to reduce or eliminate monuments to make way for more mining, logging, and extraction.

The Interior Department is accepting public comments on this proposal until July 10, 2017. Add your voice today to speak up for your public lands.

Submit comments to the Department of the Interior electronically by clicking here.

Some tips for an effective comment:

  • Identify any credentials or experience you may have that would distinguish you from other commenters.
  • Where appropriate, cite scientific and other authoritative sources of factual information.
  • Make it personal - how does the monument benefit you and your family?
  • Explain how changing or losing the monument will impact you.

Thanks for taking the time to stand up for public lands!